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The Merritt C. Becker, Jr. University of New Orleans Transportation Institute (UNOTI) focuses on the role of transportation in creating a sustainable, livable and resilient future. Faculty and staff associated with the Institute are recognized for their expertise in:

  • Transportation Policy for Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency and Disaster Recovery
  • Maritime and Port Planning
  • Evacuation Planning for Carless and Vulnerable Populations
  • Transit and Streetcars
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning and Safety
  • Transit Oriented Development

UNOTI combines applied research, outreach and education to impact positively the transportation field from the local to the international spheres. The work done at the Institute continues to be integral in the post-Katrina recovery of New Orleans, and vital to the overall sustainability and economic competitiveness of the nation.


UNOTI Welcome Video from John Renne on Vimeo.


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